Sunday, June 20, 2010

Words of Wisdom

To be a witness for God is to be a living sign of God's presence in the world. What we live is more important than what we say, because the right way of living always leads to the right way of speaking.

When we forgive our neighbours from our hearts, our hearts will speak forgiving words.When we are grateful, we will speak grateful words, and when we are hopeful and joyful, we will speak hopeful and joyful words. When our words come too soon and we are not yet living what we are saying, we easily give double messages.

Giving double messages - one with our words and another with our actions - makes us hypocrites. May our lives give us the right words and may our words lead us to the right life. Henri Nouwen

Saturday, June 5, 2010

and so it begins....summer that is

Summer is here in all of its humid glory. Ok, the mornings are nice and cool so far. We've had quite a few thunderstorms, too. Actually, I really love thunderstorms as long as the lightning isn't too jagged and scary. We've only had one of those so far. Thunderstorms remind me of my childhood. I was petrified of storms as a little girl. My dad used to sit in "his chair" and hold me in his lap. We'd unplug the tv and wait it out. I loved it. Looking back, I'm betting my dad did, too. So thunder storms make me feel a bit like a little girl again. We sit in our sun room and count the seconds between flashes of lightning and booms of thunder. Nolan, my not-so-little-professor, loves to calculate the distance. Thunderstorms and birdsong are the harbingers of summer to me. And ice cream cones, of course.

But I digress. This message was brought to you today by the letter Q for quilt. A wonderful friend of mine is having a baby any second now and I had been procrastinating on her quilt. It is finished and gifted now, luckily before the baby arrived. The birds were hand appliqued years ago while I was sitting at the school table with the boys. They've been in my closet for years, nesting. I didn't realize what they were waiting for. Now I know. I'm so glad I saved them. I added some reproduction feed sack fabric, a little machine quilting and plain pink flannel on the back. I'm pleased with the result.

Today the boys are having a garage sale. We cleaned out their room on the last day of school and they have been purging their childhood. It is bittersweet to me. On the one hand I am proud of the young men they are becoming but it also pulls on my heart strings to see their childhood floating past. **sigh** So today we will sell a few bygone treasures for a quarter, they will count up their loot and plan for their future.....or at least a new video game or two.
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