Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Central Market

I feel so lucky to live in a city with a market house. Central Market is one of the oldest market houses in the country and I beleive is the oldest continuously running market in the country. When I was a child, I worked at Southern Market for my Aunt Mary. We sold vegetables and pies and cookies and chow chow and slaw, among other things. Southern Market closed and was renovated into a visitor's center and offices.

One of the many perks to homeschooling the boys is the flexibility. I aim to shop at Market each week for fresh produce and local dairy products. The freshness of the fruits and vegetables (especially those in season) can't be found in the grocery store. We live about a mile from the center of town and so are able to walk to Market.

I have determined that living simply for me does not necessarily mean doing things more quickly or more cheaply. Simple means more healthy and more natural. I want to enjoy the tasks on which I am working as I am working on them. The boys and I had a great hour walking downtown and talking about their history lessons. We enjoyed the beautiful architecture of our city and a fine lunch of samosas (me) and soft pretzels (boys).

Here is a picture of my work in progress. In case you can't tell yet, this is Tigger. He has been in my sewing basket for about five years. This week I finished sewing and stuffing him. The pattern says to color his stripes with a black permanent marker but I decided to embroider his stripes because it will look better. He is made out of 100% wool felt with 100% wool stuffing. I love using this type of wool felt. It is very expensive but worth it for a project meant to last. I ordered more felt to make the rest of Tigger's pals. It should arrive in a day or two.

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