Thursday, January 25, 2007

Medicine Cabinet Mayhem

I have to say I never expected to be writing about my medicine cabinet. As a homeschooling mother, I struggle to teach my children to write. They aren't fond of it and it is probably our most difficult subject. I try to tell them to make their writing interesting. I figure a subject like the medicine cabinet should peak everyone's interest.

We live in a row home that was built around 1900. It is big and has many beautiful features about it (including stained wood columns in the living room and a matching mantle in the hall). Another feature that we love about our house is that our next door neighbors on both sides are great families. The family to the right happens to be my best friend, her husband and two lovely children.

Their house is attached to ours only on the third floor, the first floor hall and the second floor bedroom and bathroom. This evening, my son Nathan was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when I heard him talking to Tommie, the next door neighbor through the medicine cabinet (the joke is that we should cut a hole in the back of both cabinets so we don't need to bother each other to borrow the Advil). As you have no doubt figured out, their medicine cabinet is directly on the other side of the wall from ours. Tommie inquired if Nathan could get Nolan as he wanted to have a chat. Nathan promptly went outside (where Nolan was playing in the 1/8 inch of snow that fell this evening). Nolan stomped inside and conversed with Tommie through the medicine cabinet.

My husband's comment: "You know we do have a phone." But why call when you can talk through the wall?

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