Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blog Mania

This morning I grabbed my cup of coffee and sat at the computer to see if I had sold any more books on Amazon before I head out to the post office. Then I thought, "Oh, lets see what all those nice sewing-blog-ladies have been up to."

I think I have an addiction. I can't look at just one. And when I look at one, that one leads to another one. I guess the only good thing about this addiction is that it feeds my brain with ideas.

The thing I really wanted to post was a link to Old School Acres where she talks about wool felt. I think I am becoming passionate about this felt (why, oh, why can't I ever be passionate about something that is inexpensive???). Check out her site and the great "lesson" on acrylic vs. wool felt. Here's my newest stash. I have a few ideas but I'll keep those to myself for the time being.

Now, I must reload my mug and clean this room.

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