Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tiny Cushion

About a week ago I made this little pin cushion. It is only about two inches tall and two inches wide. I wanted it to be simple yet fun. I dumped out my notions baskets (which seem to get totally out of order even after I sort them) and found this nice little wooden button. I can't seem to remember where I found the button. Since I have only one, I'm guessing I cut it off something. I do think it has been in my basket for years and years. Maybe it was on a bag of some sort. Anyway, I have always liked the design on the top of the button and tried to replicate it with French Knots and embroidery on the side to embellish the cushion a bit. The embroidery is actually what took the longest.

Oh, and by the way, the cushion is stuffed with polyfil and rice. I always use brown rice for my pincushions to make sure they are as healthy as can be.

The fabric you see under the cushion is for a quilt I am working on. The uncut flowered fabric I found at this great fabric store in Lancaster County. I can never remember the name of it but know how to get there. I loved this fabric for it's old time charm. I haven't had time to start sewing it yet but hope to soon. I'll keep you updated. Also on Saturday, my friend Paulette is taking me to a quilting fabric shop she discovered in the northern end of Lancaster County (out in the country). I can't wait. I'll try to take some pictures of our trip.

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