Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quilt block for MS

Here's a link to the quilt block I donated and sent to Australia to be made into a quilt to be auctioned on Ebay to benefit MS. Wow, that was quite a terrible sentence wasn't it? Could be a children's book.

Well, here's the link to the blog of Amitie Textiles that is making the quilt to be auctioned on Ebay to benefit MS. Can you find my square? Pretty cool.

I will be ending the give-away on Wednesday morning. Heather, looks like you don't have a lot of competition (ok, or ANY competition)!

And finally, because I can't stand posting without a picture....
This is Nolan the Magnificent and Nathan the Marvelous at our Parish coffee house. Quite a duo.

1 comment:

volpecircus said...

good, i have some competition now. i really didn't sign in to win...i just truly admire your creations and i am ADDICTED to your blog! it's like a sickness...hee hee...let's go see what beth made today! i get my productivity fix from you.

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