Monday, June 25, 2007

Jacob's Ladder Quilt

"We are climbing Jacob's Ladder...."

If you know this song from your childhood, you'll remember how catchy it is. I finished a new project last night (yes, at the pool). It reminds me of a ladder and that reminded me of the song, and now I can't stop singing the song. It doesn't help that my ki
ds have a Veggie Tales CD with this song that has been in heavy rotation these days.
If you remember my last post, I pointed you to this lovely quilt. I started cutting strips with this quilt in mind, knowing that I wasn't making this quilt but that a different quilt was emerging. Sort of like Michelangelo's statues being in the marble, he just had to cut away the extra parts. (Did I just compare my quilts to a master? Please insert laugh track here...)After cutting strips of varying widths and lengths I sewed them to strips of unbleached muslin that I had also cut out of varying widths. Let me say that I had the dimensions of this quilt in mind before I started because I had a piece of batting that was a certain size and I wanted to use it. That is how I sized my Japanese quilt too.
After sewing the strips together, I cut them apart again in differing widths. I then added strips of unbleached muslin between the newest strips. This quilt required very little measuring and is meant to be very random. Since I am terrible at measuring, this worked well for me.I quilted around a few of the squares and added a very funky backing fabric. Here is a great tutorial for binding quilts if you want to know how to do it. I learned this from a book but Heather Bailey wrote a better tutorial.
My next door neighbor saw me quilting and said she wanted to buy this quilt from me. I don't think I've ever sold anything before it was finished before.

My next project is a disappearing nine patch quilt....stay tuned.


amy said...

I can't beleive how quickly you get these quilts done. Amazing!Congratulations on the sale!

volpecircus said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I think it's my favorite one yet.

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