Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ready to Quilt

My next door neighbor ordered a baby quilt for a friend who just had a boy. I have wanted to make this quilt ever since I saw it. It was really easy and lots of fun until I got to the part where I had to fit all the pieces together. That was a little harder than making the blocks. All in all it was a very fun project and I love the way it is turning out. Time to quilt.
I have been having a ball in my "studio." Translation: sewing room. Now that I am an "artisan" translation: mom who sews, I am trying to spend a few hours (translation: every spare minute) working on my craft (sewing). It is amazing to me just how productive one can be when there are fewer distractions. Don't worry, I'm still taking Nolan to swim practice, making supper, helping Nathan earn his free Hershey Park ticket and doing the dishes.

Today's project: fix up an old tee-pee for a three-year-old's birthday tomorrow. I made this project when my kids were very little. It is made out of PVC pipe and fabric and folds out into this great tee-pee but also folds up for easy storage. My kids are too big for it now and I think this particular boy and his brother (and soon to be new sibling) and cousin who lives next door will give it new life. I have the fabric in the wash and then have some patch work to do. The party's tomorrow. I'm thinking of making a bigger version for the boys since they still love to have a little space of their own in the back yard and we don't have a tree for a tree house. I'll keep you posted.


amy said...

Love it! Since I made that sewing area in my basement a couple of months ago, I have been referring to it as my "studio". My family kind of just laughs at me.

Liz Harvatine said...

Great work! I can't wait to see it finished!

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