Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Narnia writing

Nathan is reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The literature guide he is using has some optional writing activities which I have been FORCING him to complete. I say forcing because he does not think he can write and he hates it to boot. It is hard for him, I'll give him that. I am trying to give him some confidence, however, and I think that comes with practice and success. He agreed to let me share his writing from yesterday with you. The assignment was to look at how C.S. Lewis described the Beaver's house and the activity surrounding making dinner and then write a paragraph about a room in your house and the activity going on there. So here it is:

In the computer room the mother was helping Nathan do some writing. They took a pencil and some paper. Nathan said the words and his mother wrote them down. Nathan thought the computer room was chilly because it was windy outside and there was no sun. There were three big windows on the southern wall. A mismatched couch sat in front of the windows. A map hung on the western wall. It showed all the flags of the countries. Nathan liked that map very much. Some guitars were hanging above the map. A dirty fish tank stood in the corner. There weren't any fish. A computer sat in the other corner of the room. There were books on a huge bookshelf with a globe on the top. The room was kind of messy but very comfortable.


Stephanie Zimmerman said...

WOW - Let Nathan know that is some very good writing there. I felt like I was right in the room with the two of you - how nice!
Stephanie Zimmerman

Alice said...

Hello Beth!
My Noah does not like writing either. For the same reason- he thinks he cannot. I need all the little "helps" I can find... Would you mind sharing (just the title and where I can get it) the literature guide you are using?
Thanks!! Alice

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