Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sewing room chill

I do believe it is colder in my sewing room than on our front porch. My sewing room is in the back of our south facing row home. This means that it gets little to no sunlight. I have been working on a few projects and today I began a quilt for a friend who is adopting a baby boy in February. I do have a little electric heater and have had it on for the last few hours but it is still really cold. I went out to the porch to check the temperature and, I'm not exaggerating, it felt warmer on the front porch than in my sewing room. I think some of this had to do with the sun beating on the porch and the fact that I was only outside for 30 seconds. I don't think I'll move my machine just yet. I may just hold off sewing until tomorrow when it warms up.I wanted to share a few of the Christmas gifts I made for the boys. Above are the much anticipated oven mitts. Nolan wanted everything red this year and Nathan, blue. In case you were wondering, red is the color of power and blue is the color of speed. So I searched for red and blue fabrics that I thought the boys would like. Nolan is still a fan of gem stones and jewels so I thought he would like the red fabric with the royal theme. Nathan's pick was just the nicest fabric in blue I could find.

The boys have enjoyed our membership to the zoo and since our last visit have been talking about the echidna (Nolan) and the lions (Nathan). I made each of them a little felt animal that was waiting to be opened on Christmas Eve. I thought it would help to have a little something to open while waiting for Christmas. For your information, the echidna is a baby and so is called a puggle. Not to be confused with the pug/beagle mix.

Finally, here is the most recent quilt wall hanging I have made. It is for my sister-in-law who has a birthday today. I don't think she reads my blog so I can show it to you. This is from the pattern I was telling you about before. I made the quilt from the pattern but it just didn't suit her personality so I modified it and chose colors that she will enjoy. I'm pleased with the way it looks

I have noticed people doing different things on their blogs now that it is the new year. Some are posting about their goals/resolutions for the new year and others are looking back over the last year. Hmmm....I may or may not do the same here. Stay tuned to find out!

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amy said...

It is a bit chilly today, isn't it?
All your creations are wonderful!

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