Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy (belated) Birthday

Saturday was my oldest son's 12th birthday. He is such a genuine, sweet, gentle soul. It was so much fun to see him anticipate his birthday. The best was the prayer he said the Thursday before the big day, "Dear God, please let my Mom have time to go to the store soon to buy my birthday presents." Now, this was, of course, selfish but also so sweet and innocent that I always want to remember him this way.

I always print up a list for the boys on their birthdays for them to find taped to their dressers when they wake in the morning. For Nathan it was 12 things to do on his birthday. One of those things was to go bowling, which he requested along with pizza from our corner pizza shop (four doors away from our house) and a chocolate cake with white icing. Please don't look too closely at the cake. It is crooked and the icing got sort of funky but it tasted good.

My hu
sband took this close up of Nathan looking at the score board (I'm sure that isn't the proper term in bowling!) at the bowling alley. Upon closer inspection I'm noticing a little tiny bit of what looks like peach fuzz on his upper lip! How did my baby get this old? It is wonderful and sad to me at the same time. One of the other 12 things we did on his birthday was to look through his photo albums. You remember those days before digital cameras? I made both the boys albums of their first five years. We love to look at those pictures. It is just amazing to me that I have had this wonderful experience of sharing his life for 12 years. I'm tearing up as I write so I better stop. Happy 12th, Nathan. I love you.

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amandajean said...

happy birthday, Nathan!

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