Saturday, March 15, 2008

News and a Work In Progress

I have been trying to get into my sewing room more often these days. One of the reasons I am able to do this has to do with my news. We have a contract on our house and have and agreement on a home. I'll give you more details about it another day. For some reason I am still hesitant to say we have definitely "sold" our house. I guess because we have the home inspections to endure.

Since we no longer have to show our house I am able to relax a little about cleaning and get back to sewing. I continue to make some things for my etsy shop and have started a quilt using my stash. This quilt is based on the Happy Hour quilt. Due to the fact that I don't have the pattern, I made my squares a little differently. I don't like it quite as much but I think it is turning out ok. I'm thinking this one will be lap quilt sized, perhaps a square. I'll keep you updated with photos.

The other thing I'm doing is cleaning out the house. There is nothing I love more than purging, just ask anyone who knows me. Mike and I took a car load to Goodwill today and once the home inspections are completed and the contracts are all hashed out I will be getting rid of some large furniture pieces. Once again, the home we are moving into is MUCH smaller than the one we currently inhabit. So my dinning room table, my patio furniture lots of books and records will have to go. I don't want to move anything that I will end up purging. I want to purge first. Tomorrow we are touring the house again because Nolan hasn't seen it yet. I plan on taking lots of measurements so I can figure just what we can take and just what we can't.

Hope you all are having a lovely day. It is beautiful outside. Every time I take a walk I wish I had my camera. One of these days I'm going to go walking specifically to shoot photos. Have a fantastic weekend. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. It is hard to believe Holy Week is here!


Marcia said...

My favorite part of moving is reorgainizing and having everthing in it's place. Good luck with the home inspections.

amandajean said...

congratulations on nearly selling your home! I know I held my breath until ours closed completely. your quilt is looking good!

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