Monday, April 21, 2008

All about the hooks

Mike and I spent much of this weekend at our new house. He has been painting the paneling in the basement and I have been hauling boxes and organizing our "stuff." I am so amazed at the man who lived in this house. He was definitely a left-brainer. The basement is in two parts: the finished side (with paneling) and the workshop side. There are built in shelves and a work bench all along the unfinished side of the basement. I was able to fit all of our basement items (camping supplies, painting supplies, car supplies, boxes of items that we never look at but can't bear to throw away, etc.) down there with plenty more shelf space!

In my sewing room the closet is high enough for me to stand up and long enough for me to take several steps inside. It has hooks all along the one side (tote bag heaven), a rod along the other side (which I may take down), a high shelf above the rod and across the back and a homemade shelving unit with shelves that can be taken out for higher items. All our Christmas decorations fit into the back of the closet with plenty of space for my sewing items.

I just kept finding hooks everywhere in the house. There were two hooks under the upper cabinets in the kitchen, beside the stove: perfect for my oven mitts. There are hooks behind doors for bags and robes. There was even a little hook to hold up the extra bit of electrical cord from the refrigerator!

And now let me tell you about the little shelves: A corner shelf in the bathroom (with doors, or course) that works with the way the door opens. Little skinny shelves in the kitchen just for all my spices (they all fit with room to spare), Shelves in the bedroom closet that can be removed to get into the attic crawlspace. Sturdy enough for me to use as stairs. And lets not forget the hooks in that closet too! Oh, and there is a clothing rod that is removable for getting to the shelves!

I could go on and on. I didn't even talk about the built in book shelves in the living room! The house is so wonderful and we love it. We met a few neighbors who seem very nice. We also found out the bus stop for school (yes, someone across the street attends Nolan's private school) is across the street!

We are tired but happy. We will be glad when everything is official on the 30th.


amandajean said...

I am so excited for you and your new home!!!

volpecircus said...

Oh, God bless you guys! It sounds wonderful. We are so happy for you guys...and jealous of your hooks. :) We have yet to put any "hooks" up here and frankly are still in need of curtains, but hey, the neighbors like to see everything we do, right? Praying for all to sail smoothly through the 30th. We saw Mike, doing his thing at the mall on Saturday and chatted with him a bit about the house. Congrats!

HobbyMommy said...

How wonderful for you! Enjoy!

amy said...

Yeah! Sounds just wonderful! Can't wait to see it!

Mandi said...

Oh the house sounds great! I love the bits of organization scattered all over the house. Sounds like new discoveries in every room!

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