Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cafe on Main

I had a lovely surprise in my inbox the other day. A friend of mine from high school emailed and asked if I'd like to display my sewing (although I think she called it fiber art!) at her coffee shop in June. Wow! I don't have too much sewn but I think the spot she has for me is small so that will work well. The shop is called Cafe' on Main. Check it out if you live nearby. May is turning out to be a busy month.

Thank you all for the lovely comments about our home. I had wanted to blog sooner but just couldn't get the gumption to do it. Aside from moving and repainting the first floor of our house, I have taken on some extra work for the month of May. Since moving always costs more than you expect, and the work was limited to one month, I thought I'd do it. I'm teaching four week classes on Transitions and Tobacco awareness. I'm at three different schools and teaching a total of 11 classes each week. That is in addition to the Wed. morning groups I lead.

As if that wasn't enough....last night I started what hopefully will be a bit of work for the summer doing tobacco compliance checks. Basically I have a list of stores that sell tobacco. An underage teen and myself go in to the store and the teen attempts to purchase tobacco. I am there to observe the entire transaction. If the teen is denied the purchase I give the store clerk a certificate and congratulate them on their compliance with the law. If the clerk sells the teen tobacco I have to call the police and the clerk and the store receive a citation (which includes a hefty fine). Last night we had to cite one store out of five. Clearly this clerk was selling tobacco to any minor that came in the store (we saw several in and out). I think she'll think twice before breaking that law again!

Well, I'm off to start another day. Nathan has horse riding lessons today and I have carpet to rip up. I hope you all have a good one. Be blessed.


Jacquie said...

What good news! Congratulations. I think it would be very exciting to see my work up in public.

amy said...

That's awsome!

I know for a fact it will look beautiful! ;)

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