Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heather Bailey

I am overwhelmed with all the comments! Thank you for sharing a wee bit of your life with me. I am always looking for books to share with my boys (hey, could you ask your husbands what books they loved?) and I love to know what makes others happy, so #3 and 4 on the required comment list are my favorites to read. I can't wait to have a minute (or several hours) to look through everyone's blog!Here is another little peek at some of the goodies in the box. I adore Heather Bailey's Freshcut line of fabric. I have to say these are some small scraps but since most of you are quilters, I know you can find a place for them. If you are just checking in, click here for the rules of the give-away. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments. Thanks as well to Michele of Quilting Gallery for posting about my give-away. I know there wouldn't be so many commenters if it wasn't for that link.

Also, a few of you commented that you don't want to be added to the contest because you already have too much fabric. If any of you are looking for a way to help someone else, send some fabric or quilting books to Iowa quilters who lost everything in the flood. Here is the link to Gadrun's post about donating.


volpecircus said...

wow, that's some cute stuff. i wasn't going to enter but now you've got me thinking. here goes...

1. i have a young lady here who is interested in sewing so we are going to be using "sewing with st. anne" this year in our curriculum and i would be nice to have extra fabric (that i don't have quite the emotional attachment to, wow that's sad) to let her try her hand on. she also just bought her first american girl doll and is always looking for small pieces of fabric for me to make clothes for it.

2.i read your blog because i love you, you're a great friend and i enjoy seeing what you've been up to. a child (probably starting about 6th grade) i loved reading classics. steinbeck was always one of my favorites, especially "of mice and men."

4.i smiled this morning when my husband made me a slice of buttered toast with some homemade bread.

Belvie said...

Found my way to your blog this morning from Quilting Gallery and thought I would leave a comment. I've enjoyed looking back through your archives and will be visiting again. Here's my answers to your questions:
1. Make a quilt.
2. Your blog is new to me, but I'll be visiting often.
3. I'm some of my suggestions for kids books might be harder to find. For boys: Johnny Texas by Carol Hoff; Little Britches by Ralph Moody. For girls: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery and Little House Series by Laura E. Wilder
4. What made me smile today...rain and flowers!

Catherine said...

Those fabrics are wonderful -- and even small pieces like that could be added as squares in a 4 or 9-patch quilt, could be used to make needle book covers -- oh, the list goes on and on. Could make some really intriguing fabric origami too!

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