Friday, September 5, 2008

How Was School?

Day 1

"How was school, Nathan?"

Day 2

"How did school go today?"

Day 7

"Hi, Honey. How was your day today?"
"Really boring." "Oh, except we played Prison Ball in gym. That was really fun."

Although Nathan isn't exactly enjoying school, he is adjusting. The first few days were really rough but we worked through them and he is doing well remembering to bring home his homework and which classes to go to and what he needs for each class. This weeks trauma: Art class. They are doing a lot of drawing which he thinks is really hard. He is disappointed because he used to like art when he was in school (2nd grade). We keep plowing through. in 7th heaven. He loves school. If only I could get him to be as motivated and organized as Nathan!


amy said...

just emailed you. Keep plowing through Nathan!

volpecircus said...

I've been praying for Nathan since I saw your post about the open house. I hope that things will start looking up soon...or at least some of his brother's enthusiasm will rub off. :) How is your job going? I haven't seen you in awhile.

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