Friday, September 19, 2008


Howdy, folks. I'm so very glad it is Friday. As I told Nathan the other day, when we have some hard days, it makes us so much more thankful for the weekend. I had a 12 hour training this week on Safe Crisis Management. So that meant three days of staying after work for several hours and physical hours they were. Basically SCM involves restraints to be used when a child is causing harm to self and others. My thigh muscles haven't had this much work for years. I'm beat but glad to be trained.

I finished my heart mini quilt and will post a picture soon. I need to get it in the mail ASAP. I received my mini quilt from my swap partner and I just LOVE it! Pictures on that soon, too.

Tomorrow I'm spending my morning at church cleaning out one of the third floor convent rooms for my religious ed class. Yes, the building used to be a convent and I believe the room I'm using was one that the nuns used as a bedroom. It has a wonderful built in closet. I'll take my camera to show before and afters. So much faith in this old, old building.

Say a prayer for guidance for me in this venture. I'll share some of my lessons here in the up coming weeks. Right now I am planning on two kiddos. One with autism and one with Down's Syndrome. I'm excited about this work. God has been priming me for this for years. It is still daunting but I know God will guide my work to His glory.

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