Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is the feast of St. Martin of Tours. In my religious education class on Sunday we read a little story of St. Martin. We made candles and played a game about Random Acts of Kindness to earn dimes. After earning the money we took our candles and our money and processed to the church to put our money in the poor box to remember that St. Martin was full of charity for others.

Martin was a Roman soldier but was more interested in Christ than soldiering. While a soldier he came upon a beggar who was cold due to lack of clothing. Martin was filled with compassion and cut his cloak in two with his sword. He gave half to the beggar. In keeping half he was able to continue to fulfill his duties as a soldier. That night he drempt that he saw Jesus wearing the half cloak. Jesus told him that in clothing the beggar, he clothed Christ. Martin went on to become a monk and was eventually the Bishop of Tours. Read more about it here.

The one thing I really miss about homeschooling is the extra religion we were able to learn. I still try to incorporate that learning into our lives in whatever way possible. Today we had pancakes for supper (something that will definitely be memorable to my boys) because I read that sometimes children celebrate St. Martin's day by having a lantern walk followed by a pancake supper at the church. We ate by lantern light and during dinner I told the story of St. Martin.

Our lives are so full of work and school that I often wonder how we ever get anything else accomplished. I see so many wonderful fruits from this labor of work and school that I know we're on the right path. I just have to work a little harder to get everything in. I guess the saints of old didn't have it so easy so I shouldn't complain.

On another note, for quite some time I've felt the call to become a teacher. Specifically a special education teacher. More specifically, a special education teacher in the Catholic schools. This first hit when I was homeschooling the boys. The Catholic schools in our county do not really accommodate children with learning differences. Our son was not able to attend a Catholic school due to his disability. God put such a burden on my heart to find a way to change this. At that time I looked into getting my Special Ed. certification. The price of going back to school was just overwhelming. I figured there would not be a way for me to do it. I put the idea away. I should know that God works in His own time. We knew it was time for the boys to go back to school. We did our research, we visited, we enrolled the boys in a local Mennonite school. I got a job. My job will reimburse college tuition. The organization I work for has partnered with a local university for those with a college degree to get their teaching certification. I live within walking distance from the location of these classes.

So what do you think??? An answer to prayer? I am still very nervous about this. I work from the moment I get home from work till the moment the kids go to bed on the boys' homework many nights of the week. In between writing this blog entry I was quizzing Nathan on his Bible memory. The idea of beginning my homework at 9:30pm is daunting for me. Well, I've got my enrollment application filled in. I plan on asking two colleagues for references tomorrow. I have my transcript letter ready to mail. I'm just going to do it.

Pray for me!

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Xia said...

DO IT!!! God is in charge and will make it all possible. How awesome. And what an opportunity.
Xia's Mommy - Stephanie

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