Monday, November 17, 2008

Proud, again

Ok, ok......I'm a proud Mama. Nolan served at the Altar for the first time on Saturday night. He was quite nervous which was to be expected. I helped him robe and gave him a few hugs and then went out to sit with Nathan. Next thing we know, Fr. Leo comes out and says they are one server short and would Nathan serve as Book (bearer, holder, server???). Ok, now, at our Parish they only train you on one job at a time. So, Nathan has never even thought about how to do the other job. But, he was up to the challenge. So.....he robes up and we have the team of Bitts, Leo and Bitts. We are so blessed to have a wonderful priest. I am so thankful that my boys are growing up with such a Godly priest as a role model. The Mass was a bit comical with them both not really knowing what they were doing but they tried their best. They both told me they plan to bring their alter server crosses (they are presented with these after their first Mass) to church every week in case someone doesn't show. My boys are not usually the first ones to volunteer for something so I'm extra proud.

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