Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet Elizabeth

You know how it is, the first one's the hardest so you figure you might as well have another. Here is Elizabeth. I whipped her up today since it was such a rainy day (again). I'm beginning to think we shouldn't have joined the pool this summer.
Actually, the boys and I went to a kid's dinner theater today and saw Robin Hood. They really enjoyed themselves. It is so nice to be able to take them places. I see so many people who take their little ones out to events that just were not possible when my boys were young. I'm glad they don't feel the need to be "grown up" but still enjoy the simple things in life.

Well, Elizabeth and Brigid will be on their way to a new home on Monday. I have two little girl friends who I visit with every week at Nolan's piano lesson. I thought I'd give them these two dolls since I certainly don't need them around my house! Have a happy Saturday.


jacquie said...

how cute is she! i need to go see up too!

nic said...

oh, they are darling!! and i adore the names you've chosen as well...nicely done!

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