Friday, September 4, 2009

Chinese Auction Bag

Well, I made it through the first two weeks of my new job. I was fortunate to have off today and Monday for the holiday. The boys have only Monday off. To be honest, I was sort of glad to have the day home alone. It is a rarity. No one is creating clutter where I just organized. One of the projects I promised myself I'd finish today is something I've been working on for our youth group's Chinese auction.Above you can see the whole bag full. I really love everything that is inside (well, and outside since I really love the bag, too).Here is the quilt. I started this last Christmas holiday and finished it up right before school started this year. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I adore bright colors and this one sure won't put you to sleep. It isn't very large which I think is perfect for a new baby and for a toddler to drag around.I backed it with my Mary fabric from this quilt. I used the pattern from the Happy Zombie. It is the same one I used on this wall hanging.
I've had this bag pattern for a long time but never made it. It's from the same pattern I used to make these. This is the "paper bag" version. I've wanted to for some time and thought it would make a lovely tote bag or diaper bag. There are outside pockets on the front and back. I lined the whole thing in pink.The next two items were great finds. I just love finding things at thrift stores and garage sales. Since this is a give-away for Church I wanted everything to look new, even if everything wasn't new. These Babybug magazines I found at our library's used book store. They are in perfect condition and are wonderful little books.The mother's journal was a garage sale find just last week. It looks like it just came off the shelf at Barnes and Noble. I do love the artwork of Mary Engelbreit and was thrilled to pick this up for $.50.

Well, that's all for now. I've still got a few hours until the boys come home. I'm heading back to the sewing room while I still can. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Stay safe.


Valerie Martin said...

ok so I want that bag...When is the auction and where? Do I have a chance? It looks beautiful Beth!
Love ya,

volpecircus said...

that bag is beautiful and the quilt is toooooo cute! alright val, you've got a rival for the drawing! :)

Hiram said...

great stuff! I especially like the quilt - bright and joyous!

amy said...

Everything is just wonderful!!!

happy zombie said...

I love the bag of goodies... you are so wonderful! And I couldn't love more that you used the Mimi pattern on your quilt. I love your quilt, the colors, the fabs... beautiful.

MAD LOVE for the Guadelupe backing fabric. I would love to know who makes it!

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