Saturday, October 10, 2009

Confusion and Complication

I started this blog to chronicle our life. Our SIMPLE life. Wow, have things gotten complicated. Needless to say, we are in flux. We've changed our lives in several ways since I started blogging. We've moved, we've changed the boys' school....twice. We've aged, we've lost loved ones. We've changed jobs, gone back to school and changed jobs again.

What we've lost is the simplicity in our lives.

I vowed when I started this blog not to let it be a place for me to vent my frustrations. I would keep it positive.

Well....I'm venting. Sort of. I changed the banner to reflect my mood. I want my simple life back. Many would say that life isn't and can't be simple. I say we make it what we want. I don't want my children to spend their childhood doing homework. If I had to narrow our difficulties down to a few things I'd say school and work. We have family crisis as well but that can't be changed. To be honest, the school and work problems keep us from being able to spend time on the family crisis the way we'd like.

So....we're contemplating. We're praying. We're making choices. I know this post isn't very specific. I think changes are in the air but I'm not sure. I keep changing my mind. More later.

The above picture was taken at Pinchot Park. The boys and I hiked the whole way around the lake. 8 miles. That was a really big rock. They loved climbing it. We need more rocks in our life.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you Beth. I understand. Life is messy but I wonder so often about the many ways *I* complicate it. I think simplicity has to be a conscious choice because it doesn't come naturally in our modern world. But there's a certain peace and tranquility in simplicity and I long for it. Call or e-mail if you want to go out for coffee --we haven't talked in a while!

volpecircus said...

Beth. Just wanted you to know you guys are always in my prayers. I really admire the way you have always tried to live simply and be very real. It inspires me. My prayers are with you that you may be able to make whatever decisions you need to make in accord with Our Lord's plan for your lives and once everything is said and done, that you have peace and joy about the decisions you guys have made. I miss you and really selfishly hope any decisions may free you up so I can see you more. OK, that's the really selfish part of my prayer, but I was at least honest about it. Right? :)

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