Monday, December 14, 2009


Yesterday was Gaudete Sunday or Rejoice Sunday. One of the things our priest talked about was rejoicing even when we don't get our way. So I thought it was fitting to show you what I am rejoicing about. I'm not a lover of colored lights. I really love white lights on a Christmas tree and around the house. Nathan really wanted colored lights. He didn't beg or whine about it, he just said, "Mom, I was thinking, since we have to buy new lights anyway, what if we got colored lights for the tree?" I couldn't argue with his logic. I love to see him happy. He really doesn't ask for much (this is the child who only put one thing on his Christmas list). So, I bought colored lights.

You may also notice the unusual ornaments on the tree. The boys have been obsessed for the past month with perler beads. Specifically in making Mario items from them. So, we have a tree with colored lights and Mario mushrooms. The boys are happy. It feels more festive in the house. We're in the last full week of school before Christmas break. Life is good.

We also had a little lesson in selflessness. I can't remember if I told you that our family was participating in our Parish Christmas Concert or not. The boys were NOT happy about having to play with mom and dad. Nolan especially was grumpy about this. After the tree was lit and we were hanging ornaments, I explained to the boys that sometimes you give of yourself just because another person asks, even if you don't want or don't like the request. We used the examples of the concert and the tree. Good lessons all. They did a great job at decorating and at playing for the concert. It was a good day.

Happy Monday.


volpecircus said...

ok, you are definitely a better woman than i. i don't know if the control freak in me could have went for the colored lights. i'm not even telling my husband about the mario ornaments or the tree will be covered...but i must admit they are very cute. so maybe that would be ok. :) great job on the concert to your entire family! it was absolutely lovely! you weren't the only one who almost started crying.

amy said...

There must be a new trend starting because we have colored lights this year as well.
Talk soon.

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