Sunday, January 24, 2010


We had to say a forever farewell to a beloved husband, father and grandfather this week. Mike's dad passed away on Tuesday with his family and beloved priest by his bedside. He had a long battle with cancer and a final stroke that took away his voice but not his spirit! I'm using the above picture because DadDad (what the boys called their grandfather) was ceaseless in his work. He did not rest when there was work to be done. There was always work to be done. Sometimes the work involved filming the likes of Johnny Cash and Mohammad Ali. His work included helping Vietnamese refugees find a place to live and teaching them English. If you needed help, DadDad found a way to help you. He made friends everywhere he went. Friends with the waitress, the innkeeper, the neighbor, the hitchhiker. There are not enough words to describe the life of this man. But, we will not remember him for his work as a tv producer or because of the stars he met, but because of the love he showed for all he met. You are truly an inspiration. We will miss you but your spirit lives on in everyone who you touched in some way. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


volpecircus said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I was never privileged to meet Mike's dad but through the years I feel I got to know him a bit through the stories that you would tell about him. What a great heart and what a great man who spent his time here on earth doing the Lord's work. May God give your family great comfort at this time knowing he is with Our Heavenly Father.

Love in Christ, Heather

Xia and Isa said...

I'm glad to know he's at peace now. We will keep you all in our prayers!

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