Monday, March 1, 2010

Devil Cat or Maybe I Should Stick To Quilting

Our parish is having a coffee house this coming Sunday as a fundraiser for the youth group. It's loads of fun with talent from many corners of the parish, food and fellowship. To help raise a bit more cash, there will be a raffle. I thought I'd try to make some things for the raffle. I made a doll, her cat and a quilt for them both to snuggle under. When Nolan saw the cat he asked if it was Jaws (our cat...yes, I know the name is crazy). You have to understand that Nolan has a love/hate relationship with Jaws. Jaws enjoys batting at Nolan when he walks by and, well, that cat's claws are sharp. Anyway, I said, I was thinking it wasn't a very good looking cat and Nolan replied that he thought it was a devil (horns on top and all) that's why he thought it was Jaws. LOL! Well, it was my first attempt at a simple kitty. I thought the quilt turned out quite nice......In other quilty news, I finished up a baby quilt for a friend. Since she reads this blog, I can't show you the whole thing yet. Here's a little snippet from the machine. I'll show the whole thing after I give it to her. And the quilt I donated? Sold in under 7 hours! Yeah. Wish I had more time. If you do, consider donating something to Stitching Hope. Proceeds benefit Haiti relief.

1 comment:

volpecircus said...

I don't think the cat looks like a devil at all. He's cute. :)

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