Friday, April 9, 2010

age and wisdom

Happy Easter! Here in the north east we've been experiencing quite a change in weather. We had summery 80's for several days. I don't want to complain but it was just a little too hot, too fast. Everything is growing and blooming extra early so I worry about what that means for summer. We had a rain storm last night which cooled things off a bit. It feels more like April today but is to get into the 70's this weekend and I'm loving that!

I guess by the last paragraph which is all about the weather, you can tell I'm getting older. I also spent part of this evening walking through Lowe's with my hubby talking about refrigerators and ovens. Definitely getting older. Actually, I turned 40 this week. I've never been one to care a lot about birthdays and I still don't. I'm happy to be 40. I feel like the older I get the wiser I get (mostly). So I'm looking forward to more wisdom with each passing year.

I've been thinking a lot lately about our purposes in life. As my boys get older we talk more about their future in a tangible way. Only 4 years until Nathan is an adult. It's hard to believe. I wonder what they will be like as adults. About what my relationship will be with them in the future. I wonder how to help them discern what God is calling them to. It has taken me so long to realize my calling (or has the journey needed to be this long and circuitous?) that I wonder how to help them find a path. I guess we don't find our path, we look to God to show us the way to follow Him.

Ask and will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. This verse has held a lot of meaning for me of late. What I am realizing is that in seeking I have really needed to put forth a lot of effort. I used to think that verse meant that the Lord would place the answer on my doorstep just because I asked. Now I am discerning that I need to put forth some effort, too. Often in the effort of seeking I find something totally different than what I expected. It is often very much simpler as well. I've never found God to be that complicated, really.

I hope that if you are seeking this Easter season, you will put forth the effort in research and prayer and that Christ will lead you in the path in which you were meant to go.

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amy said...

You stinker! I spoke to you and you didn't even mention you turned THAT old this week.

Happy Birthday my friend! I am grateful that we can grow in faith, older and wiser on this journey together.

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