Thursday, July 1, 2010

July already?

It's hard to believe one month of summer is already gone. We have a few things on the burner this summer but also lots of time for relaxation. The boys and I spent a few hours in the front yard yesterday weeding and planting flowers. Our yard is full shade and encumbered with the roots of VERY old, VERY large trees. When we moved in there was a not so great looking bit of landscaping out front that has needed work. What I'd like to do will cost a bit of scratch so I had to content myself with a less expensive fix. So trips to Ollies and the Basket warehouse, as well as to a local greenhouse and we've got pots and flowers and color. I am amazed that there are flowers that prefer shade. Aaaahhh....the Glory of God's Creation.
I've also done something I haven't done in years. Many people would be surprised to know that I don't sew clothing. Ok, not that I don't do it, I just haven't enjoyed it for years. I've made lots of costumes and I certainly know HOW to sew clothing, it just wasn't enjoyable for some reason. Recently, however, I had the hankering to make myself a dress. I'm still not sure what came over me. So, off I went to the fabric store and came home with a pattern and material. Of course, I sewed over a heat and humidity wave with no air conditioning. I find the sizing of patterns to be difficult to determine so I feel fortunate that the dress actually fits. It is a little lower cut than I thought (that darn model is much more flat chested than yours truly) but it will work for a nice dinner out sometime. The pattern came with a little jacket so I'll work on that next.
One other thing I take a secret pleasure in over my summer holidays is reading through curriculum for the next school year. My own education was somewhat lacking in several areas so I feel the need to preview the boys books for several reasons. FIrst, of course, to make sure the books and work are a good fit. Secondly, so that I can have intelligent conversation with them as they are studying. So, I'm reading through Church history. Next up, the Greeks and the Romans.

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Ellen (the cousin) said...

I know why you wanted to make a dress - you said you didn't have any dresses when we were at Erin's wedding! Oh, and have fun with the Greeks and Romans. That'll be an awesome subject for you and your boys to study!!

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