Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tis the Season...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was filled with family and friends. I've noticed recently that I don't take as many photographs as I used to. I don't know if it is just because the kids are getting older or the opportunities are fewer or I'm just lazier. Well, here are a few photos from our day. Everyone had a few surprises on Christmas.

Hey, look. There's actually a picture of me! I'm getting ready to open the gift Nathan bought for me. It's Quilting Arts magazine.

The cat loves sleeping under the tree. He was a little put out with the presents taking up his space.

Nolan bought Nathan the Super Mario 25th anniversary Wii game. It was his ultimate gift.

The boys, Mike's mom and I went together to buy him a bass uke. He was VERY surprised.

We splurged this year and bought the boys each an iPod touch. Nolan couldn't believe it since we told him we absolutely wouldn't get him one!
We spent the day after Christmas with a roaring fire and lazy bones after returning from early Mass. In some ways I enjoyed that day more than Christmas day itself. 

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