Friday, January 7, 2011

A little sewing

At the end of the year (sounds like a long time ago, doesn't it?) I worked on a few sewing projects for myself. Mostly I've been wanting to hone a few of my skills. I've found collars to be a bear and thought I'd work on that. I dug through my patterns and decided to make myself a fleece jacket. I thought this would be a piece of cake. Turns out pattern companies have forgotten how to write instructions. Anyway....I finished the jacket and it is much warmer than I expected. It is unlined but roomy enough to fit over all my bulky winter wear. The downside is that it isn't formed or fitted so it looks a little baggy. Since it's been really cold this winter, I'll take warm over fitted any day.
Next up is what I'm calling my June Cleaver in Red. I really like this pattern but don't think it's the best for my body type. Lots of pleats just where I have lots of belly. I still need to hem it and it's short sleeve so I won't wear it until the spring anyway. Hopefully there will be less belly by then. It was fun to make.

I also borrowed my mom's serger the other day. It scares me a bit but I want to make some long sleeve t-shirts. I have three that I LOVE but only one doesn't have holes. I have issues with long sleeves that don't go down to my wrist because it makes me cold. These tee's have great sleeves and I want to imitate them if possible. I bought a pattern but also noticed there's a t-shirt in my pattern making book. I may try to make my own pattern instead of using the one I bought. Time will tell.
Snow Day Quilt
In other news, it's snowing today. That's probably why I went upstairs and tidied the sewing room. There's nothing like snow to make me want to sew. Remember this quilt that I made last year during the snow? I doubt I'll be that productive this weekend but you never know.


Melissa said...

These are all beautiful! The winter months seem to be the best time to pull out the old sewing machine and create beautiful things! Much luck on future projects!

amy said...

Everything looks great!

I want to sew! (that's me whining)

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