Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something I Didn't Know I Needed

Until it went away. I need a "space." You must remember that Mike gives music lessons out of our living room. When the weather is warm and the sun shines until 7 or 8 at night it really isn't too much of an issue. We live in our sunroom. We also had the basement as a place of refuge. And I could escape into the sewing room.  If you've read my blog for the past month, you know that we had flooding in our basement and had to move everything out and into other areas of our small house. I packed up my sewing equipment and supplies, we moved extra furniture and a plethora of other things into the sunroom and the tv and wii are now in our bedroom. The basement is in the process of being torn apart so it can be dry locked and repaired.
I tried setting up my sewing machine and supplies in several places in our house. Nothing felt right to me. It just felt messy and awkward and in the way. I'm a person who gets stressed out by clutter and stuff sitting around. I mean REALLY STRESSED. So I just put away the sewing. I thought it would be ok.

Now that we can't use the sunroom as it gets too cold and dark at night, after dinner and homework, the boys are generally upstairs reading, computing or wii-ing (is this a word?). I had no where to go. So I went to bed. It was 8:30. 

Today I was cleaning up the house (remember how I told you clutter makes me stressed?) and it occurred to me that perhaps we could share the sewing room. I did some mental calculations and re-arrangements and thought about the furniture we had in the house. About 30 minutes later I had all of my sewing paraphernalia out of the bedroom closet and in the sewing room. I can't tell you the relief I felt.

Now I can start thinking about more sewing projects!!!

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Kedren said...

WHOOO HOOO! I knew the answer would present itself when it was ready to be revealed!!

I have a baby quilt to commission if you are back in business! Eli Weaver is preggers and due in April! I see something sort of herb-y. What do you see?

Love the new format!

As Virginia Wolfe says about us women...we need 'a room of one's own' (even if it's only certain shifts)

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