Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quehanna Quilt

Quilt for Quehanna 
Can you see the flowing water of the river?

The river rocks are between the water.

Close up of the river rocks. A quilting first for me.
Close up of the quilting.
My good friend, Kedren, asked if I would make a quilt for her friend Eli's baby Quehanna. He was named after the river by which his parents met. I have this terrible need to ponder the lives of the children for whom I am quilting. I felt a little bit of story needed to be told in the quilt about Quehanna's name. It was so interesting, after all.

I found this quilt and modeled Quehanna's quilt after it. I messed up on the outer quilting. I quilted the sky on the land side and the land on the sky side. Oh my. Well, I had a lot to think about this week. It was loads of fun to think about the story of Quehanna's parents. I think I met his mother only once or twice so I hope she will enjoy this quilt. More so, I hope she uses it to tell Quehanna his story. All of our children have a story, in fact, all of us have a story. We need to tell our stories to remember them. 

I hope and pray this quilt helps Quehanna learn his. And it's machine washable and dryer friendly in the bargain!

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