Sunday, August 26, 2012

water conservation

water conservation by simplysewn
from dehumidifier to garden
Along with energy conservation, I've been thinking a lot about water conservation. I get a little sick to my stomach when I think about all the water we waste. We all know that without water, there could not be life. Yet how often do we pay attention to the water we use? We are increasingly polluting our water resources. I could go on and on but my time is limited.

The question is this: What can we do to help conserve our water? One big problem is that so much of our rain water is going into our sewer systems, not into the ground and thus the water table. A fairly easy solution to this problem is for homeowners to install rain barrels to collect the water and distribute it throughout your yard or garden. By collecting the water from your gutters, you have a natural source for your garden flowers and vegetables. Another option is to harvest rain water and distribute it immediately into your yard or garden. See this article for more information. In addition to helping the rain water stay out of the sewer (especially if you live in a city where there is more paved and developed area), you are also drawing less water from your city or municipality's water source, saving you money as well as conserving this precious commodity. 

Ok, all of that does take some thought, some money and some man power. So what can you do TODAY with only a little man power? Put thought into your dehumidifier water. I have to admit that we have been emptying our dehumidifier water into our basement sink which is tied into the sewer system. So recently I've been carrying the water out into my garden. It does take a little extra time (3 minutes, maybe?) and it requires me to be somewhat careful so I don't spill the water on the steps. But all in all, by changing one little habit, I'm saving a little money (I'm not watering from the hose) and putting water back into the ground, growing our food and keeping several gallons of clean water from entering the sewer system.

What small change can you make? For ideas see Save It Lancaster!

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