Saturday, October 20, 2012

Morning Quiet

It is Saturday morning and my men are still in bed. This is one of my favorite times of the week. I know that I don't have to rush off anywhere today. I have time to ponder the events of our week and plan for the next but there is also time to putter. 

In the early morning things are quiet. The street noises are null and this morning even the sounds of nature have been muted. I guess even the birds and squirrels are still in their beds.

So I make my coffee, light a few candles and meditate. Alone with the Almighty I listen for His wisdom in this fast paced world. It is calming. The anxieties of the week are melting away.

All is balance. It is a struggle sometimes to find a way to balance the needs of this life. Sometimes it means I must give a little in places I'd rather not. In the early morning quiet it is easier to let go. To see what matters. To plan around those things only.

So I begin my day with solitude and as the world and my family begin to stir, I am renewed.

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