Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quilt Unveiled....finally

The quilt measures about 72x60 inches
A close up of the leaf appliqué block.
The organic line quilting.
The shirting backing reminded me of our sleeping bags growing up. 
I am finally able to show you this quilt. I made it for my niece, Allison, and her finance, Jason, who are getting married in August. The bridal shower is today. This quilt took me many, many hours and much thought. I like all of my quilts to say something about the receiver. In this case, Allison and Jason. Both are outdoor people. They will be camping in the jungle for part of their honeymoon! So I decided on an earthy quilt for them to snuggle under on those cold nights and to picnic on top of during the summer. 

The leaf blocks were taken from a quilting book by Elizabeth Hartman called The Practical Guide to Patchwork. In the book the instructions say to iron-on the leaves and then machine appliqué over them. I just can't reconcile iron-on appliqué and soft quilty love for some reason. So....I spent many, many, many hours hand appliquéing the leaves onto the blocks. 

After making quite a few blocks, I decided it needed something more than the quilt in the book had, so I added the patchwork blocks. I wanted the quilt to be large enough for a picnic and for two to snuggle under on cold winter nights. I chose to use batik fabrics for two reasons. The first is practical: they don't fray so much when hand appliquéing. The second is that both Allison and Jason spent time overseas during college. They both have a love of all things international. Allison also likes purple. I find this color challenging when looking at fabric to be used by men and women. Batiks solved this dilemma. I guess that's really THREE reasons.

I always wait to choose my backing fabric until the top is finished. In this case I found this fabric that just screamed 'sleeping bag' to me. At first I was skeptical that it would work for this quilt but the more I thought about it, the more perfect it seemed. What says 'outdoors' more than sleeping bags?

Finally, the quilting. I pondered this for a long time, too. I bet most people don't realize how much thought goes into a quilt! I love the organic line quilting because it reminds me of the journey of each persons life. Married couples embark on very special journeys that take them places they never imagined. I prayed for Allison and Jason while quilting. I prayed that their journey will be one of fruitful living. I know they both have a passion for Our Lord and I pray that they use that passion for His Glory. I know they will. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quehanna Quilt

Quilt for Quehanna 
Can you see the flowing water of the river?

The river rocks are between the water.

Close up of the river rocks. A quilting first for me.
Close up of the quilting.
My good friend, Kedren, asked if I would make a quilt for her friend Eli's baby Quehanna. He was named after the river by which his parents met. I have this terrible need to ponder the lives of the children for whom I am quilting. I felt a little bit of story needed to be told in the quilt about Quehanna's name. It was so interesting, after all.

I found this quilt and modeled Quehanna's quilt after it. I messed up on the outer quilting. I quilted the sky on the land side and the land on the sky side. Oh my. Well, I had a lot to think about this week. It was loads of fun to think about the story of Quehanna's parents. I think I met his mother only once or twice so I hope she will enjoy this quilt. More so, I hope she uses it to tell Quehanna his story. All of our children have a story, in fact, all of us have a story. We need to tell our stories to remember them. 

I hope and pray this quilt helps Quehanna learn his. And it's machine washable and dryer friendly in the bargain!

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Week of June

I don't know how much I'll be blogging this summer. This is my last week at home before my classes start. I'll be traveling for 7 weeks (34 days in all) three hours in the car each day. Driving makes me exhausted but I'm praying for the grace to soak up everything Montessori and also have the energy to give to my family. I'm planning to go off the grid to the rest of the world for those 7 weeks. I sort of feel like the caterpillar at the end of the chrysalis stage. Did you ever see how the chrysalis will shake if it is bothered? I think I'll be like that. Only the important things, only those that have the power to build me up before I emerge will be allowed. 

I will most likely continue with some photos on the blog so that I have a visual record of the summer and the garden. I harvested all our potatoes yesterday. It was the most fun ever. I love digging my hands in the dirt. They are delicious (the potatoes, not my hands!). I made myself a little potato soup for one last night. We had our annual Parish Picnic yesterday and I took the above plate along. Zucchini, carrots and breakfast radishes. The radishes grew crazy fast and I planted too many. Radishes anyone?

I have just a few ends to tie up this week including acclimating the boys to their housecleaning chores for the summer and finishing one last quilt. I have the sewing room cleaned up for the most part but promised a quilt to a dear friend for a dear friend of hers who just had a little boy. I'm excited about this one and will certainly show it when it is finished. 

The last photo I took from inside the house looking out the window. Nathan and our neighborhood cat, Finn, were enjoying each other's company the other day and it was just so sweet. I think Finn may be one of the best things about our neighborhood!

Happy Monday everyone!
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