Friday, September 6, 2013

The Fall Garden

Mike and I spent some time in the back yard/garden recently. Things had gotten....well...out of control. In the spring when everything is a blank slate and looks so empty I have a tendency to over-plant. 'Look at all this space behind the herbs,' I think to myself. I should plant some squash there. The squash seed is so small. At the time, I forget how sprawling everything becomes. 

So this year, I had to walk tenderly between the tomato, squash and watermelon vines. It was well worth the effort since we love each of these harvests. 

It is now time to think of fall. School is in session, and, to be honest, I waited a little longer than I should have to plant a few things for fall. I really don't know if these seeds will make it to harvest but it was worth a try.

We've had such a strange summer in terms of weather. Hotter and wetter than normal in July, cooler and dryer than normal in August. My onions rotted due to the rain in July. My butternut and spaghetti squash are slow to ripen due to the coolness of August. 

I've had such a strange summer in other ways as well. 

We're all re-acclimating to fall. To school. To lessons. To our schedule.

Just as I hope my fall crop will germinate, we are slowly putting down roots and sending up shoots in this new phase of life. Each fall seems to be a time of death and a time of new growth. 

Just like in the garden.

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