Monday, October 14, 2013

Time and What To Do With It

Above you can see Chloe's favorite method of rehydration: drinking from a flower vase. I suppose she likes flavored water or something. We get no end of satisfaction out of her antics and super cuteness so I thought I'd share the photo with you. Just because.

Now back to my regularly scheduled programing. I have been thinking lately about time management. I don't especially like calling it time management because that makes it sound too formal and dull. Really I've been thinking about the time we are all given. Each of us has 24 hours every day. Nothing is going to change that. At different times in my life those 24 hours have been too long and at other times, too short. 

I'm in the '24 hours is too short' phase right now. 

Many of us are. I realize there are tons of blog posts and ezine and magazine articles about how to manage one's time so why bother writing about it? Well, I write not so much for anyone who may be reading but for myself. I'm always happy to hear that my musings are helpful or entertaining to others but the reality is that I blog to keep a little journal of my thoughts and actions. So today I want to do a little soul searching about my time and what to do with it. Bear with me.

We often quote the Bible, "To everything there is a season." I think it is so often quoted because it is true. The problem is that we forget the notion in our thirst to do everything. In some ways this age of technology is to blame. In an instant we see what everyone else is doing and we want to do the same. We forget that our lives are all different (thankfully) and that we each have different needs, skills, opportunities and commitments. 

For instance, I think it would be great fun to be an all-dressed-up-in-historical-time- period-garb-tour guide at one of our many local historical sites. I had to realize, however, that this is not the time for me to take on such a volunteer opportunity. I have too many commitments to my family and my job. I can see a time in perhaps 5 more years where this would be doable. 

I also have learned over time that I have a different threshold for busy-ness than many other people. I do not thrive being on overdrive. I thrive on slow and steady. I really am mostly an introvert and although I get energy from being out and about, I need time at home in the quiet. So I am learning to say no, even to good opportunities. I have to be picky about my service to others, to the activities my family attends and even to my job options. I feel fortunate that my whole family is wired somewhat similarly. We do not do well if we are over-involved. 

So I've been taking a look at what I have time for right now. I know that my time to be busy with my boys is fleeting. They are both in high school and both working. Neither drives. So we ferry them to activities and work. We help with marching band and the plays and musicals, we drive to youth group and host Homecoming dinners. Sometimes we do these things by foregoing something that one of us would like to do. We know the time is short and there will be time for ourselves in the near future. 

So what about me? I'm making decisions about my time. I love my job and am thankful to have it. I am also incredibly thankful to be starting a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program at St. Mary's. Both of these things take up quite a bit of my time and energy. So I am focusing on these things. Of course the house and garden need attention as well. Meals need planned and cooked, weeds need pulled, the garden needs put to bed for the winter, the bathroom needs cleaned. It is important to me to keep these things in order, so I vow to spend more time on them.

What I have also decided is that there are things that I enjoy but I am happy to put on the back burner for the time being. Sewing is one of them. Sewing used to fill a great deal of my time. To do it well, it really does take time. Of course I continue to sew for the plays and musicals Nolan is in but other than that I have decided to put the sewing aside for right now. I'm also saying 'no' to most other activities that come along that interrupt the flow of our family life. Saying 'no' doesn't come easy to me. I'm really a 'yes' girl. Shhh....don't tell too many people. 

So today, a day off from work and school for us all, I am off to cut my men's hair, clean up the house, work on my classroom and get outside in my garden. I hope you have a peaceful day yourself. 

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