Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Woody and Elizabeth

Woody with his cigarette (the sign of the times)
Elizabeth and her groovy apple banjo. I wants one.
There are so many things I love about working with children. Every day is a new adventure. Currently I am working in the toddler room and that age is full of wonder (and misbehavior!) It is not the age I am certified in, so anytime there is a teacher out in the primary classrooms I am the "in house sub." I love my toddlers but I am in love with my preschoolers!

I teach science once a week to the 3-6rs and I love when they call me Mrs.Science Teacher or tell their parents, "This is my science teacher!" It is thrilling to know I am helping them expand their scientific horizons. 

Two of our primary (3-6 yr. old) teachers are pregnant. I will be taking over for one of them in the spring when she takes maternity leave. It is so wonderful to have the same children for a longer period of time. One of the things I've enjoyed doing as a sub is teaching songs to the children. They love to sing!

We have a fabulous teacher, Mr. Ben, who teaches a music enrichment and generally sings and plays his guitar with the children. One of our 4 yr. old's even dressed up like Mr. Ben for Trick or Treat! Wow.

I am no Mr. Ben but do want to have a repertoire of songs to teach the children. I may keep my uke at school since it is so small. So many of children's songs are put to terrible music. Yuk. Even songs that can be great are recorded with terrible sound tracks. 

I've been listening to Elizabeth Mitchell and Woodie Guthrie of late. Such wonderful music for the younger set. Elizabeth Mitchell covers many of Woody's songs for children. She puts the songs to such amazing musical backgrounds. Her voice is so clear and pure. And fun. We all know children like to have fun!

Woody's songs for children are so child-like but serious and fun at the same time. Glorious, really. I'm having the best time working them out for guitar and ukulele and look forward to singing them with the children. 

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