Thursday, December 26, 2013


The day after. We had a wonderful Christmas that included visiting with family, midnight Mass singing with the choir and more visiting with family. Needless to say we were exhausted last night. 

As we cleaned dishes, put chairs back into their proper places and tucked teenagers into bed (yes, they were so tired they went to bed by 8!) we reflected on this especially enjoyable Christmas.  Although gifts were given, they were minimal and well thought. We had ample time to converse with family in a way that doesn't happen very often due to busy schedules. After the house was in order (something that soothes my soul!), we spent some time together, just we two. It was peaceful. 

This morning we awoke to the snow falling and changing our plans for the day. It will be more of a homebound day then we expected. It is so nice to have a cleaned and uncluttered home this morning so that we can go right into the small projects that we have been putting off. 


That's a sigh of contentment. After several weeks of busyness, this day of confinement is welcome. 

I'm off to work on a quilt, write some thank-you notes and maybe build a fire and read a new book. Happy St. Stephen's Day!

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