Monday, July 13, 2015

Las Frutas Freebie

Hola! I'm excited to bring you the next set of my Spanish language cards for the Montessori classroom or homeschool. This one is actually a two for one deal.

I completed a set of cards pertaining to fruit. For this work I purchased some fake fruit at our local Dollar Store. They did not have a banana so I had to go to Michael's for that one. Of course you can always use real fruit if you are working at home with your child. It's a little harder to use real fruit for a work that is going on the shelf in my classroom. We will use our new vocabulary during snack and lunch, however!

 I used a large and small basket to set up this work which will look lovely on the shelf once I get it to school in the autumn. As with most cards you can also use this as a card matching or three part card work by printing the cards twice.

I've included two sentence cards with this work. There is a card that asks, "What are you eating?" and an answer card that states, "I am eating.." with room for the object or photo.

In this way you can take turns asking each other about the food and practicing vocabulary at the same time. Of course I can see two students having a ball with this work! The download has a full page of instructions, too.

I have some great ideas for some more phrase and sentence work so keep visiting throughout the summer. I have also put a page tab at the top of the blog so that it is easy to see what Montessori Materials are available.

Oh, yeah....I guess you want the link to the download. Here it is:

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