Saturday, October 8, 2016

Autumn Nature Walk

It has been a beautiful week here in Lancaster, PA. Yesterday afternoon after I finished cleaning  the classroom and writing up my notes for the day I felt the draw of nature. I wanted to take a hike because I craved solitude and wanted to take some photos. It was a little late to drive to one of the hikes I enjoy so I decided to go to a nearby community park that is large and has some lovely natural areas. 

I just learned about Michaelmas Daisies and was excited to see so many of them blooming. They are really asters that bloom around Michaelmas which was at the end of September. I've always loved daisies (my wedding bouquet was made from them) in every form and so loved seeing all the butterflies and bees enjoying them, too!

Today's weather isn't going to be so lovely so I've set myself the task of cleaning the sunroom and exchanging the screens for the windows. I've been doing some purging lately (this week I went through my recipe folders. Yikes! What a lot of printouts I had.) and may continue that some more this weekend. I am always surprised at how much I accumulate that is unnecessary and never used. 

The garden also needs cleaned up for the fall. I still have green beans growing and should be able to harvest them soon. Every year I tell myself I will plant bulbs and every year I don't do it. Maybe this will be my year! 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Take time to enjoy something about nature, tidy that area you've been complaining about and spend some quality time with those you love.

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