Friday, January 12, 2007

From the Cutting Table, part 2

Here is the finished product, a doll leopard jacket. This is my next door neighbor, Tess, and her American Girl Doll, Theresa. Tess' mother is my best friend, Kedren (see her website here). It seemed that one of the things Tess loved about Teresa was dressing just like her. She received a pajama set for Teresa and herself and wanted to have some other clothes that matched. I was contemplating this when I remembered I had the leopard fabric (which Tess' mother had given me) and that Tess owned a leopard coat. After making the jacket, I asked Tess what kind of clothes she would like to have the same as Theresa. She said she was thinking of some tie-dye. Lucky for me Joanne fabric had tie-dye corduroy.

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