Friday, March 16, 2007

School Fun

It is March and I know that spring has to come soon. The crocuses are blooming in my neighbor's yards. In March I always wish I had planted some in the fall. In the fall, I have so many other flowers blooming that I don't want to spend the money on bulbs. Maybe this year I will remember to buy some.

By this time of the homeschool year the kids and I are starting to burn out. We intended to go to Gettysburg today to finish Nathan's study of the Civil War but the weather didn't cooperate. I'm sort of glad. I decided we needed something new, fresh and fun. Friday is our easier school day and we always start with a Saint Story. Since tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, I of course read the story of St. Patrick. I had borrowed the Mass Kit from our Religious Education Coordinator (the perks of being a teacher) and got it out for the kids today. I think I love it even more than they do. We lit the charcoal in the Censer and added incense to send our prayers to God. We lit the Sanctuary Candle and talked about why there is one in every Catholic Church.

After school work is finished, we are going to decorate little boxes for the Leprechauns to fill tonight. Legend has it that the Leprechauns come out on the eve of St. Patrick's Day and fill any box left in the moonlight with treasure. They will hide the box and if it isn't found on St. Patrick's Day they come back and take the treasure home. If the box is found, the treasure belongs to the finder. Needless to say, the boys are very excited about this. We may also make a few St. Patrick's Day recipes.

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