Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eye Candy

One of the reasons I look at blogs is to see what others are making. I mostly like the pictures. My husband is the opposite. He likes the words. The more the blog looks like a newspaper, the more he likes it. I think he's weird but I love him none the less!!

My friend Amy just got her blog up and running. It is called Fresh Vintage. Click here to check it out. I also found this super fun blog and web site. Nolan and I had quite a bit of fun scrolling through these pictures. If you happen to have a little boy in the house, he'll like it, I promise.

Finally, the picture above is my newest creation. If you remember this quilt, you'll notice some similarities. I had enough squares and just enough batting to make this little dolly quilt. It is for sale in my etsy shop. The big version sold in about two days so I'm hoping someone will like the little one too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth!
Thanks for the plug.
Love the colors on the quilts!

volpecircus said...

beautiful as usual. you do have to teach me this quilting thing...after i'm finished with my bags of course!

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