Friday, June 15, 2007

Back Yard Bird

Toward the end of the school year the boys and I attended a program at our County Park to make bird houses. We had the best time and since I don't know a thing about hammers and nails and wood, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the boys did. They came home and spent the next two days painting their houses. The park rangers informed the participants that the houses should be placed in a spot about five feet off the ground, near a bush and in a spot that does not get a lot of people traffic. I had to laugh a bit at this because our back yard is about 30 feet long and has no bushes but lots of screaming yelling kids. Well, when has this ever deterred us? We hung the boxes in the only spot available, right on the patio (no foot traffic there, right???). This week while we were sitting at the table, this little birdy was working hard at putting twigs in the little hole of Nathan's bird house. It was so amazing to watch.At the park, we were told that there are several kinds of birds that might use the house but that we DON'T want (house sparrows being one, I think). They tend to build nests close to houses and are pests (but I can't remember why). Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's what we've got but we love her anyway. I guess I should get a book on birds now.

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Alice said...

Oh! This is so neat!! We have three bird houses and nothing but wasps live in them. :-(

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