Saturday, June 2, 2007

Then again, maybe I won't

Well, remember those cute buttons I made yesterday? They were certainly fun to create but the more I thought about it and looked at the final project, realized they didn't work for several reasons. The first reason is that they didn't give me the look I was hoping for. The second reason is that I believe a quilt should be used. I mean cuddled, thrown, used for picnics and trips to the park, even thrown up on if you're feeling sick. My quilts are meant for real life and are made to last. Wash, dry, wash, dry, wash, get the picture. I realized that Sculpey clay buttons just weren't going to work in that philosophy. I remembered that we have a fabric store going out of business, so I trekked on out to Hancock fabric where everything is 70-80 percent off. Buttons were 5 packs for $1. Wow. I picked up about $60 worth of buttons for $7. I also found three quilting books with some great ideas for 80% off. You can see the finished quilt with the white buttons. I hope you also enjoy the quilt picture with the cat. This cat thinks he owns the neighborhood. He sits on our railing and eyes up all the dogs that walk by. Crazy cat.Tonight my parents took us to my cousins farm to pick strawberries with my Aunt Mary. My mom always gives us homegrown strawberries in June and I thought it was time that the kids understood how they grew and how back breaking it can be to pick them.
We also took a little tour of the farm to see the cows, pigs, dog and cats. I have more pictures and will post the funny cat picture tomorrow. I now have LOTS of strawberries and have major plans to cook. I want to make these strawberry muffins from my friend Amy, bake up some of my mom's terrific shortcake. (I eat it with whipped cream, not milk. I hate things to be soggy.) Strawberry pie is also on the menu. I think I could live off strawberries for a month without any problem. Since June is the only month of the year that I eat strawberries, I figure why not go all out?


volpecircus said...

hey, i was just getting ready to post a picture of strawberries over at my blog...what a coinkeedink (if there is an official spelling for that) :)

amy said...

That quilt is just beautiful! I'm glad you thought about the usability of the buttons. It would be a real shame not to use that beauty!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Absolutely beautiful quilt!

And any post with strawberries is berry delicious!

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