Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doll Quilt Challenge

I decided to join a few Flickr groups. I first joined the Doll Quilt Crazy group and then decided on the Doll Quilt Challenge. I want to make some mini quilts for my stand at Eastern Market but also have decided to make some mini quilts to hang behind our bed. I have decided that our bedroom is in desperate need of an update. When we bought our house the whole thing was in terrible shape. We ripped up all the carpeting, redid the floors (in varying ways) and painted, painted, painted. By the time I got to our bedroom I was sort of sick of the whole project and we just left the trim alone and painted the walls. I still like the wall color but want to paint the trim white and make a duvet cover for our comforter, add the mini quilts to the wall, maybe update the curtains and cover the pillows. Nothing drastic but yet enough to make a difference. I made my first mini quilt for the Doll Quilt Challenge. This was the June challenge, the disappearing nine patch. Of course you now know how I found the pattern for my large quilt. I used the chicken fabric again because I already had some squares cut out and I just cut each of the large squares in four to have two inch squares for the mini quilt.The July challenge is the confetti quilt that I also just finished (in a much larger size). I'm not sure I'm up to making that one just now. I loved making it but I'm ready for something else. I think I'm going to raid my stash and work on a mini Denyse Schmidt-esque quilt. Her quilts are the reason I initially learned to quilt but yet I still have never made one. My parents may be taking the kids mini-golfing today so I may have some extra time to whip something up.

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volpecircus said...

love the chickens. :)

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