Saturday, September 8, 2007

Taking A Break....

I have been doing a lot of pondering this summer. Pondering about money, sewing, running a business, what my purpose is in this life, my kids, my husband, the cats, homeschooling, schooling, working, not working, bills, plumbing, flat tires, etc.

Praying for guidance. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. Well, I've been asking and I've been seeking. I think I've found, for now anyway. Fr. Leo told me once when I was complaining that I can't do everything I would like, that there are seasons in our lives. Seasons for different things.

I am being led to understand that this season is for my family. To really do what I need to do with them I must let go of the sewing dream.....for now.

So I am taking a break. Taking a break from blogging and reading blogs and sewing for business and selling at market and on Etsy.

I will be selling at Eastern Market on Saturday but probably not after that. I'll keep my Etsy shop open but won't be adding to it. I may do a show here or there if I have the time and the product but I'm not focusing on it.

I'm looking inward toward the men in my life. They need some care. That's what I do. Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll be gone for a while.

Keep it simple.


Xia said...

Thanks for letting your fans know :-) Boy, do I get it!! Kudos on your discernment, not an easy process for sure.
Xia's Mommy - Stephanie

Anna Maria said...

God bless you and your love for your family.
The most comforting thing my priest has ever said to me is 'there is no perfection in this life, but only a perfect struggle'

Wishing for you a perfect struggle,
love, Anna Maria

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