Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bubbles...BIG Bubbles

I can tell September is almost here. The weather is turning cooler in the evenings, our calendar is filling up with activities and the neighbors went back to school. I've been trying to get the kids out of doors since the weather has been so pleasant and we remembered we had this great Klutz Book of Bubbles, Bubble Thing included. I love the Klutz company and their wacky fun. The boys had a superb time making these larger than life bubbles today. Ingredients: water, dish soap and the Bubble Thing. I have been working with the boys on not referring to every item as the "paper thing," the "plastic thing," etc. and here is a toy that officially has "Thing" in it's name. Nolan thought that was pretty funny.

Now, off to the grocery store....the boys used all my dish soap and I need to do the dishes!

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