Sunday, August 26, 2007

Homemade Toys

Alice of A Number of Things wants to hear what hand made toys you make. Check out her blog for the reasons and send her some of your ideas. I sent over a link to my Hundred Acre Wood animals and then as I was thinking about what else I have made, I looked on the floor and realized that Nathan and Nolan made their own toys for the cats. Here you see Gizmo and his often played with little fleece mouse. It was made with scraps of polar fleece and stuffed with polyfil, catnip and a crinkly paper. Handmade by the boys, one for each cat. Both of our cats ADORE these little mice and play with them often. Sorry about the cat hair on the pictures but where there are cats, there is cat hair.

For some other posts about handmade toys click here and here and here (this one wasn't even made for a kid but I love it anyway). Ok, here is a really cute shot of homemade love.

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