Friday, August 24, 2007

Writing and Sewing

I have a few minutes before school begins to show you what I've been up to. School went very well yesterday despite the fact that the kids had their first real writing assignment. The assignment was to write about a personal experience. We came across the following words in our grammar book about a blind girl named Helen (sound like someone you've heard of?) who was discouraged because something she wrote was so similar to another person's writing that he accused her of copying. She wanted to give up. A friend encouraged her to write about something that happened in her life because no one else could have that exact experience. So she did and her writings are now encouraging others. Remember our Bible lesson from Joshua 1 yesterday, "Be strong and courageous." What a theme God gave us yesterday! This is why I love homeschooling!

Well, what I began saying (maybe I need a writing course) was that the kids did an excellent job with their writing assignment and school was finished by lunch time. After a quick trip to my favorite bookstore (aka the library) I had some sewing time. I had finished this pillow:
and wanted to use up my brown fabrics to make some fall/winter items. Here's what I came up with:Coasters because they are so easy to make and a nice gift to give. These turned out so well that I may make another set. There is brown striped material on the back. A little purse (measures about 5 inches square) to carry your change or MAC card.And a tote bag. The inside has the pockets in corduroy. The corduroy was left over from a pair of pants I made Nathan last year and the stripe were kitchen curtains at one time. The French words fabric was left over from curtains I made for my sister-in-law. I love using up my stash. Due to our newly imposed tightening of the belt, I'm back to my old use-what-you-have mentality.

Today is my darling husband's birthday and also the Feast of St. Bartholomew. If I have time I will post some more about these two events later in the day.


amy said...

very nice work Beth!

Sarah said...

simply amazing! you find time to sew along with home schooling! well done!

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